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what do i do with these

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did a little catchen this weekend any suggestions on what to do with these? 746.JPG

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yep she caught the largest one again.

thats mine on the left.

both cases751.JPG

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Well, on my first trip ever to Oregon, I fished the outlet of the Columbia River. So wanted to catch a Silver Salmon. Both the "future" wife and I set up and I brought in the first and she got the second just before I called time. Upon heading to our campsite for the nite, I remembered I had never cooked up one of these fish and wondered how to do it. Approaching two older gentlemen over at another camp site, I noticed they had a few fillets out themselves. Explaining that I was from Florida and that this was the first Salmon I had ever caught, I needed to know how to cook them. One guy looked at me, then looked at his buddy and said, "Harry, is there any way to f**K this fish up?"  PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

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My suggestion would be to package them up and mail them directly to me and I will take care of them for you. laugh1.gif


Do a search for smoked salmon and you will find a ton of recipes on here. There are so man good recipes and smoked salmon is SOOOOO GOOOOD! A quick run down would be you are going to brine them for 12-24 hours then rinse them and let them dry and then put them on the smoker. Its pretty easy. If you look at Bearcarvers signature he has directions on how he does his and many people have raved about it. I still haven't tried his but have been meaning to. I do a dry rub of salt and brown sugar on mine and let it sit over night then rinse and smoke the next day.

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not really on how to: just looking for a couple favorit smokin recipies.

some of the filletts are a good 2" thick i cut it into strips back to belly 4" wide.

Do i brime it in some special brime?

or just blacken it and smoke it for a couple 6 to 8 hours at 103 to 105 deg.

baste it with some magic recipe ohne of you want to let out. 

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Here's a great recipe from Bearcarver. icon14.gif

That's the one I was mentioning. Lots of good reviews on it.


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Well, what you do with the wife is entirely up to you. As for the salmon, I'd do a simple 50/50 salt and sugar rub for 18 hours, rinse, dry and smoke over a mild wood. The flavor of the fish is what I'd want to stand out, not the brine or the smoke. I'd also make some sushi out of some of it. maybe some salmon and cream cheese rolls, wrapped in bacon and smoked. Sort of a twist on ABT's.

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They all look like keepers to me.  Send me any you deem not to be worthy.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Try this. Unless you like the taste of soy sauce. I do by the way i just do not like it on my salmon.


I said that wrong. I should have said that there is a lot of great brine's here. If i were you i would try them all. Here is one from Salmon university.



Go to  I grew up in southeast Alaska and always enjoyed smoked Fresh salmon.

I am very jealous.

Happy smoking and enjoy

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My God what a Beeeeuuuutiful picture.

And the fish look good also.

I think i will move over and live with nwdave.  At least i will keep his heart elevated.

Salmon on the east coast. I dont think so.

We call them trout over here.


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The one those guys are recommending is my go-to for hard Smoked Salmon. 

It is always handy, in my signature, at the bottom of all of my posts.

I never tried it on a shorter hotter smoke, like a Salmon for dinner.

I do them low & slow, and they get a little drier than the nice soft & moist Salmon you would want for Supper.

They are great for snacking!


Others might have tried my brine for a quicker smoked Dinner Salmon, but I never did.


And---NO---I never tasted the Soy Sauce---There isn't much in it !!!


Sheeesh, he never stops!


Nice catch too, Elkmaster----or is that salmonmaster???



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Nice Catch...

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Alaskan Bear just did a great post on smoked salmon. Try to find it.

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Best Lookin Pair of Deck hands I've Ever Seen!


Good Catch My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Here is the brine that I use. It is very basic and I have not found anybody that doesn't like it yet. I soak in this for 24 hrs. Rinse, pat dry, air dry until a slight glaze forms, and smoke at about 180 for as long as it takes. I try not to get it too dry still a little moisture in the fish. I use this for salmon and trout.


1 lb salt

1 lb brown sugar

2 tablespoons onion powder

2 tablespoons oregano


I also add 1 or more of the following:


Crushed bay leaf

Dried mustard



These I just base on what what kind of different flavor that I want.


Mix all these together and dissolve in water. You want to add just enough water to completely cover the fish.


Now I have never done that many fish at one time. The above recipe would be good for about 10 lbs. of fish.


If that doesn't help send some to me and I might send you back a sample. thumb1.gif


I love smoked salmon, nothing better.



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I'd fillet them, freeze them, and be eating salmon for months. Grilled or smoked, it's our favorite fish.

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