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My first smoke- 6 lb Butt

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Well to say the least, I will have an eventful day of smoking ahead of me. After working a 24 hour shift and being up for 22 of them, I at least get to try my hand at smoking.


I got a 6 lb butt from a local meat market, and rubbed it last night with Billbo's rub recipe that I found on here. Get home about 6:30 and immediately fire up the smoker, only to not take into consideration the amount of time it would take for the smoker to get to the ideal temperature. So finally after messing around with the coals and the dampers and working on bringing it down from the mid 300's. I finally got my butt on the smoke at 8:00, needless to say I will be foiling it to hopefully make a 6:00 dinner time that the wife put on me.hit.gif


she is also picking stuff up for ABT's that she wants to have around 2:00, to make things more interesting.


Will Q-Vue when i get a chance.


Happy 4th of July everyone and happy smoking.



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Good luck & Happy 4th!

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