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Favorite bbq rub?

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I'm in the process of brining a few whole chickens in just a simple sugar/salt brine. I've smoked a few birds now and I think I've got the smoke/wood/brine down pretty well. THe only thing that keeps throwing me for a loop is the rub.


I want something that has a lot of flavor to it. My first rub was very mild, the second one was a bit stronger but lacked that "bbq" taste. I'm looking for a good rub that's heavy in stuff like paprika to give it that dark brown look and strong bbq taste. Anyone have any favorite rubs they would care to point me to? I bought Jeff's rub for ribs which I'll be using tomorrow, but I don't think I want to put that on the chicken and ribs as I'd like them to have unique tastes.



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You can always modify Jeff's to suit your tastes.

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Yeah I could, but I don't really want to experiment tomorrow in front of 25 ppl :D That and I'm not very good at knowing what works well with what, what I should change, etc. I might just go back to the standard paprika one I have, it's not bad, just was hoping for something with a little more bite.

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Are you doing whole chickens or pieces?  Try Jeffs rub on some and on some other parts make some changes. Just make sure you write down what you do!  Think about if you want it hotter, sweeter, saltier or whatever





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I make a cayenne brown sugar rub that goes great with chicken.. The only problem is people keep eating it by the spoonful

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Now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps I will just do the same brown sugar/paprika rub on the chicken that I do on the ribs. If the flavor is as great as people say it is from that rub (Jeff's rub), but I can't really complain if they both taste great, can I?


Thanks for the advice, fellas.

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Montreal poultry seasoning is good.

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Google up Memphis Rub. We use that alot on Poultry

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Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning works well for me.

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Originally Posted by Flash View Post

Google up Memphis Rub. We use that alot on Poultry

It is a great rub


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Their are so many rubs, You're gonna have to find what works for ya.


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Good luck on your search for the holy grail. I still haven't found it. beercheer.gif

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