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Best way to preserve cooked ribs?

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I'll be smoking a few racks (4) of st. louis style ribs tomorrow. I plan on doing the 3-2-1 method, but I'm thinking it'll be best to do them early in the morning so that I have room in my smoker for the birds I'm doing later.


What I'm wondering is, what's the best way to keep them warm (or should I reheat them?) so that they don't lose their fresh taste/tenderness? I'd hate to spend 6 hours smoking them and have them taste like I baked them in an oven for 2 hours! :)


Also, when I put them in the foil for two hours, do I apply a mop to it? (I use a mix of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and a shot of captain morgan). Do I pour a cup or so over it and just seal it up?


Thanks folks! I'll be sure to post up some pictures of the butt roasts I have going right now soon :D

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I see by your join date/post count that your new among us here at SMF, so, let me begin by welcoming you to the family!


I wouldn't hold them at temp if it were me. They'll get fall-apart tender (literally) if you hold the temps. Instead of a standard 3-2-1, go for 3-1, then, rest for 30-45 minutes. That will approximate the 1.5 hours in foil. Toss into the fridge if it will be more than a few hours before you can slice 'em up to eat, otherwise, towel wrap and rest until you can toss 'em back on to finish. Put back in for 30 minues foiled @ 225-235*, then, finish on open grate for 1.5+ hours to heat through again and set the bark. It won't be quite the same texture as a 3-2-1, a bit more chew, unless you go for 60 minutes when you back in foiled, then 45-60 minutes open grate.


A couple ounces per slab of your mop liquid in the foil should suffice...too much and can get a bit mushy if in it too long. Oh, save the liquids for a sauce on the side if you want to go that route when they're ready.


Have a GREAT smoke, and 4th!



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Eric has you covered. Good luck with all the food

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For future smokes a great thing is to cook them the day before, then toss them into the fridge overnight. Then proceed with the re-heat the day of the event as described above. Saves some stress is they run long or something.

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Eric X2

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