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butt question

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Hi all,

 I currently have four Boston Butts in the smoker. I bought them in the other day and realized this morning that only three have bone in. The odd one out has a lot less marbling and just a thick cap of fat on one side. The meat seems to also be a lot . . . denser, I guess you could call it? A lot more solid, I guess. It is also cooking much slower than the others. I have a Butt that is easily two pounds heavier and it is about twelve degrees ahead. What kind of cut is it?

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Without a picture it's hard to tell, Some stores are known to hide undesirable cuts of meat underneath others. I say smoke it and enjoy. icon14.gif

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If you had a pic, Pops could tell you.

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Sorry, didnt get any pics. I finished late last night and the "Butt" in question was hideous. It was majority all fat. I pulled very little meat off of it. I know that butts have a lot of fat in them, but this was nauseating! Will never get another butt before I make sure there is a bone in it

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