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3 PORK SHOULDERS - 10 LBS EACH - W /Q-VIEW {as i go)

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I just put on 3 - 10lb pork shoulders.  I rubbed each shoulder with a different store bought rub and injected one with a creole butter sauce.  I have the Traeger set at 225 degrees.  I usually foil after about 3 hours, but am looking for a more pronounced bark this time.  Any suggestions for what temp. I should foil or if I should foil at all????  Any help form you guys would be greatly appreciated. 

Here are my first pics. of the rubbed shoulders and right after I put them on the smoker.  DSC00502.JPGDSC00504.JPG

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I usually always base it on internal temp, with 170º being the latest I wrap. The longer you can go without wrapping, the better your bark.

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If ya want Bark, then do not foil at all, may take a little longer butt so worth it. Dial that Traeger in at around 225* keep the smoke goin' four 4-6 hours and get an IT temp of 200*-208* and don't foil and you'll have the best P.P. that you ever tasted.


Remember to let rest before pulling!!!

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ok... after 9 hours the shoulder on the left of the pit is at 164 degrees and the two on the right are at 180 degrees.  Would you guys foil now or should I let them go all the way to 200 degrees the way they are????  Here are the pics.....DSC00506.JPG

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Let them go. No foil is better tasting. IMHO.

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