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Please Help for the 4th.

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I am new to smoking and new to forum. I bought a Masterbuilt XL about four months ago and have used it one time. I attempted to smoke 2 slabs of pork spare ribs and... Temp was at 220 and after 5 hours still was bloody. I took them out and put in the oven. Then, the seasoning was on the not so great side. For the forth my family is getting together at my mom's, and I have been chosen to smoke 6 slabs of pork baby backs. Can someone help me out with an awesome recipe, wood choice, temps, and time? Of course I can try to wing it, but that did not work the last time. Thanks, Clift.

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Originally Posted by Clift1716 View Post

Temp was at 220 (bet it wasn't.  those thermos are notoriously inaccurate).  Test it in boiling water.  That goes for every thermo you ever acquire.  Get a new thermometer or two.  There is NO way you could have been at 220* for five hours and have any cut of meat still be bloody.

Then, the seasoning was on the not so great side.  You don't mention what seasonings you used.  I use salt, pepper, and brown sugar.  Sometimes I add a little heat (red pepper flake &/or cayenne).

Can someone help me out with an awesome recipe (see above)

wood choice Literally anything safe goes for pork.  Many use hickory for pork (strong but great flavor).  Milder woods include apple, cherry, etc.

temps and time Cook at a true 225* using the 3-2-1 method: 3 hours in the smoke, 2 hours foiled, 1 hour un-foiled.  They will be fall-off-the-bone-tender -- guaranteed!!!

Of course I can try to wing it, but that did not work the last time.  Why wing it when we're here for ya?!!!  This is exactly why the SMF exists.  You'll never roam the smoking realm alone again!


WARNING!!!!!  If you follow the guidelines above, you will become the designated smoker for every family event, so if you don't like to cook or be a rock star, ignore all of the above advice!


Good luck, and don't forget to post the Q-view!

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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I would suggest buying Jeff's rub and sauce recipes they are great and well worth the money. You buy the recipe then you can make your own whenever you want.

Next get a thermometer that you can verify is accurate and check the actual temps in the smoker the door mounted thermometers are often way off. Once you know your actually at 225 the rest is easy. As for wood type that's personal preference but I would suggest hickory or cherry both are pretty good. Remember your looking for Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) or no smoke and just the smell of the wood burning. White billowing smoke can lead to creosote and will ruin any meat.

Since you said baby backs I would recommend 2-2-1 which means put the ribs in the smoker at 225 degrees for 2 hours then pull them out and wrap them in aluminum foil before sealing the foil add a little liquid like apple juice then seal them tight and put them back into the smoker for 2 more hours then pull them out and carefully unwrap them and put them back into the smoker unfoiled for 45 minutes to an hour. If you want to baste them with sauce which I usually don't do then do it the last 30 minutes or so. Personally I like to serve the sauce on the side and warmed.

The ribs will be fall off the bone and you should get rave reviews if you follow this procedure.

Good luck and let us know how it goes or better yet post us some Qview (pics of the food)


James types faster than I do biggrin.gif but he gave you the 3-2-1 which would be for regular spare ribs. Baby backs should be 2-2-1

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Clif, make sure you give yourself extra time. Once done you can double wrap them and put them in an ice chest that you have warmed with hot water; then wrap in several old towels and put in cooler. Will stay at safe temp. several hours(and it may help you get a more tender Rib).

   You can hold 'em;but you can't push 'em.

Hope we helped you(you'll do good-just act like you know what it's all about and it'll all be O.K.

Have fun and.....

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I just noticed no-one mentioned a therm check.Better yet,get a 2nd therm. that is adjustable and use as a double check.

Just sayin'icon14.gif

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I just turned my moms boyfriend on to the 3-2-1 method a few weeks ago, and also to the 2-2-1 for babybacks. 


I could hear the slobber dripping from his mouth when he called to say how good they turned out. 


Now he is cooking with the Mes 30 but still. 

Once you get the temps on track the rest should be history.


Something that I do most of the time is.

I use a pretty spicy rub on my ribs, so if someone is gonna be over that can't do the spice, I put brown sugar on um for the last 30 minutes or so, then also put a light coat while I rest them.



It cools um off enough even for the kids to eat um.


Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.


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You could coat them with honey and butter when you put them into the foil instead of the apple juice I suggested they come out great that way. I use the squeeze kind of butter for that when I do it. Or you can just use the apple juice then the next time do the honey and butter so you know what each of them tastes like and see which you prefer

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Piney is right... I saw "spares" and immediately said 3-2-1.  You're doing BBR's this time, so it's 2-2-1.  Just goes to show that fast typing isn't everything.  super.gif  Thanks for picking up my fumble and bringing it in for a touchdown, Piney!  icon_redface.gif

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Don't forget the Q-view!

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Thank you all very much for the advice. I think I will try the apple juice and the honey butter. Like I said I have six slabs, so may as well try both. I greatly appreciate the help and will fill yall in on the results.

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