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Question about using rib racks

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When using rib racks, how often should I rotate around the ribs?  Maybe every 45 minutes or so?  Or is that too much?  I

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ive only used mine once so far but i didnt rotate them at all and they cooked great. they could have gotten rotated out when i took them out to foil them, and then again when i removed the foil, though.

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If your smoker is configured right, there is no need for rotation.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Interesting.  I have a WSM 22 in.


However, A couple of years ago I did a smoke on a grill where I set up an indirect zone.  I used the rack and I didn't think to rotate or flip them.  When I checked on them, the tops were WAY overcooked.  So it struck me that it was hotter.


On the other hand, with the WSM, I am not sure if that would work out quite the same way?

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even on the Weber Kettle I don't rotate the rack at all...but then I use the minion method with the little side trays for the charcoal and place the ribs over the AMNS with the drip shield.

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You don't need to rotate them.

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