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My first smoked prime rib with Q-VIEW

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Good morning folks.

Prime ribs were on sale @ 4.99 last week, so I decided it was about time I try one seeing most of you rave about them all the time. Smoked @ 225 with cherry wood till 135 IT. It was the best prime rib I ever had. I will definately do it again. Here's how it went.


Started with a pretty 4 pound roast.



Then a little olive oil massage & rubbed with steak spices from famous Montreal steakhouse Moishe's



Love these spices, tons of flavor & not too salty like many others.



It then went for a little nap overnight in the fridge. For a side dish I sliced some mushrooms, onions & chives. Topped with more of the steak spices & a little butter.



I saw some great lookin' bacon potatoes on Cowgirl's blog and wanted to give them a try. Unfortunately I left them on too long & they weren't as pretty as hers, but they wered still tasty.



Mushrooms & potatoes after the PR was pulled & left to rest for a while.



Smoked mushroom are unbelievable. I will experiment more with them. Portabellas maybe.



Here's the PR after resting for 30 min.



Sliced. Nice and pink. I like it more rare, but the rest of the family likes it medium. So they win.




Diner is served.





Thanks for looking & happy 4th of July weekend to all my American friends.



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That looks great thanks for the pics I look forward to trying my first one of those... Looks-Great.gif

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Looks Great...
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Looks delicious! Great job!  32.gif

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Fantastic looking PR, just the way I like mine biggrin.gif


Thanks for the Qview

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MMMMmmmM Prime Rib...That looks Excellent Gros!!! Thanks for sharing the views.drool.gif

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looks perfect. Im smoking one in the morning for the first time. If it looks half as good as yours I'll be happy.

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Gros you always pull great eats well done it looksimagesCA8B4LN3.jpg enjoy your day



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 Wow looks great i like mine RAREdrool.gif

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