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Problem with Ribs

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I smoked some back ribs yesterday and they were tough. They were very hard to pull apart .Great taste but tough. I smoked them on a UDS for 5 hours at 250. They was not much pullback at all. Was the temp to high. The therm. was reading corectly and place at cooking level. I was going to foil them but I did not want them to fall off the bone.

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I like to marinate mine in Mojo crillio over night, then into a pan for the smoke, with a little Mojo as a base. Move the ribs around as I spoon mojo over the top of them.




I'd rather separate them that leave them whole. At a point, I will foil wrap the top of the pan and finish them up that way. I do think beefies need foiling. If you did not want fall off the bone, you can always cut back the amount of time in the foil.



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Yep I use the foil for a couple hrs then back open on the grate to get a little more firmness back on then with a little bbq brushed on them...

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Were they spares or BB? The spares take a little longer. If your not seeing the pull back chance are they're not done!

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I spritz mine every hour with apple juice/apple cider vinegar.  Also usually foil for 2 hours with some spritz.  You can foil ribs without getting them fall off the bone.  Sounds like a moisture issue to me.

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You will probably get the results your looking for with a modified 2-2-1. Maybe 3-1-1. The bb's I've been getting lately have been very thick & meaty. The last batch I did that I didn't foil took 6 1/2 hours at 215-220.

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Last batch I did took 6 1/2. I like 2.5 - 1.5 - 1 method gives me a nice moist pull off the bone real easy kinda rib.

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Were they spares or BB? The spares take a little longer. If your not seeing the pull back chance are they're not done!

 He said back ribs and I assumed "Beef" back ribs. Guess we need some clarification.

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Beef. That's a whole other horse of a different Melvin.

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Sorry, they were pork back ribs, that is what the package said. I did spray with apple juice every hour. Sounds like the temp. of 250 was to high.

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Foiling for only an hour or hour and a half won't make them fall off the bone. It will take a slight pull.

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First read of your post I was thinking beef ribs as well. I just did a 3-2-1 with spares and they were not 'fall off the bone'...had a nice tug. I was running about 225. I would ask if you're sure the therm was accurate? At 250, 10-15 degrees off high puts you runnin' pretty hot for BB's. One other thing, the ribs themselves....I bought a slab from a el cheapo market that I was very disappointed in. Next slab I got from Costco. A little more spendy but much better quality & they were awesome. Just some thoughts....

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