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MES is shot

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Hey everyone, i have not posted in a while, i spend most of my time in the chat room in the evenings with all the members.  Anyway a while back I had to take the smoker apart and replace the wires due to a burnout.  Well i fired it up today, and let it get to 230 degrees.  I put a precooked ham in and it has been 3 hours and I'm only at 215 degrees.  I checked the maverick temp probe in boiling water, so i know it is reading correctly.  My recovery time in this thing is terrible. 3 weeks ago i did ribs, and did not have my probe, a replacement was on order.  The ribs were tough as boards, and now i know why, this thing will not heat up.  I think it is time for a replacement.  I'm done with mes, 2 control panels, and having to rewire it, in 2 years of cooking time is unacceptable.  Thank god this ham is precooked so i can let it go, till it gets hot.  Anyone with suggestions i would love to hear them.  Thanks and take care.

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If you like the convenience of electric, then the next option is a gasser.  I use one on occasion and like the simplicity and quick, stable temps.  But nothing beats a real hardwood fire for smoking, IMHO!

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