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Help with brats (QVIEW ADDED)

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Ok I am making some brats this week.  I have about 10 pounds of pheasant mixed with 2 pounds of beef fat or pork fat so 12 pounds total.  I am going to grind up 3 lbs of bacon to go with it, so it will have plenty of fat.  This is for a buddy of mine, and I am going to make half into buffalo pheasant brats and half will be made into jalapeno pineapple brats.  I have all the seasonings and everything and was just wondering if anybody knows how much jalapenos and pineapple to put in a 7.5 pound batch?  How much per pound?  I am also making some venison brats for myself and am going to add jalapenos and pepperjack cheese to them.  I will probably make a 10 pound batch because my hog casings stuff 25 pounds so I will just use a pack of casings.  How much jalapenos and pepperjack cheese do I need?  do I need high temp cheese?  I appreciate all the input and will post quickview on thursday when I make the brats.



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I just ran across your post and am re-posting to get you fresh exposure.  I do not have a good answer to you questions, but I'm sure others will be along soon to chime in...


Sausages are the next thing I plan on learning now that I am producing bacon. thumb1.gif

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I will wait for the Qview 

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It all depends on how hot you like them. I would just go with what you think you like, then after mixing it up do a fry test. If it needs more heat then add some. If it's too hot you would have to add more meat. So be conservative at first with the jalapenos.

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So i had time to make my brats.  Here is the first batch.  It is buffalo ranch brats made with pheasants from last season mixed with beef fat and bacon.  



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Buffalo ranch pheasant brats all linked up.  

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Next up jalapeno pineapple brats.  Meat is pheasant mixed with beef fat and bacon.  Mixed 7.5 pounds of meat with 1 jar jalapenos and 2 cans of crushed pineapple.  




After that comes jalapeno pepperjack cheese brats.  I made these with a mixture of ground venison and ground pork.  






All mixed and stuffed into casings.  I cant wait to grill some of these up this weekend camping.


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Looks good! Bet they grill up nice.

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O MAN O MAN it looks great give us some Qview and bearviewimagesCA1SBURK.jpg

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Brats look great...

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