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counter casing breakage ideas

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I'm using a L.E.M. 21mm Collagen casing and during the stuffing process I'm geting one or two breakages.  When I put in the smoker I'm geting a couple more.  Could I be over filling the casing?  How many breakages do you get?  What could I be doing wrong?  I have tried other brands of casing and seems like these are the best so far.  Any ideas?




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Sounds like you are over stuffing them... Collagen is not very forgiving like natural casings are...

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Yup ...what he said ^.

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I do pinch the casing on the tube when filling...  How hard you think I should be pinching?


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Are you twisting links?  You may try stuffing a bit looser and then tighten up the stuffing when you twist the link. 

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What is pinching the casing on the tube?  Do you mean pinching and forming the link?  Do you mean holding the casing on the tube to force a fuller stuff?

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Yes holding the casing on the tube.  But not to force a fuller stuff but just to stop the casing from sliding off the tube while stuffing. 

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It takes practice.  Like I said you can always stuff a bit loose and then twist to tighten the casing to what you want.  Once you smoke them you can trim the extra casing and make a prettier presentation.


It happens all the time, not the end of the world, just takes practice to get it right.

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Even using hog casings I occaisionally get a couple bursts.


Not a biggie...


It gets better with more experience.




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If u store in freezer bring to room temp- also u can moisten them some with water or oil.seems to help some
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Happens to all of us. With me it's usually over stuffing them.

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I lubricate  the tub and let it slide easy it cams easy with practice 

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Wet down your area where the slim jims come off the tube. The sticks will slide good and you can coil or however you like. The small amount of water will not hurt the casings.


Also like the others have stated dont worry about tight cases, wrinkles here and there are now biggie.

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