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Need a little info

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I just stopped by the Roll Call board to say Hi to everybody and posted this question there but thought I should post it over here also.

 I have 2 Brinkman all in ones and 1 Masterbuilt 7 in one gas smokers and I'm thinking about getting another smoker, I'm looking at getting one of the Master Forge gas smokers or the Masterbuilt XL gas smoker. Will a full size rack of ribs fit on the rack in the Master Forge, I know they will fit in the Masterbuilt but I'll have to order it and I can get the Master Forge at the local Lowe's. I'll post this over in the smokers forum also. Thanks for any info anybody can provide.



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Lots of variables but I have an 18" wide smoker and racks of spare ribs are usually too wide for it. People with the 24" wide and above smokers usually have no problems getting a full rack of spares in. Baby backs usually go into mine fine

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Thanks for the info, looks like I'll be ordering the Masterbuilt XL.

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