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Beer Dough Pizza with Fresh Basil (Q-View)

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 Well I made some pizzas on the BGE with a homemade sauce and homemade beer dough topped with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil from my garden.

Thanks for looking 

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ok that just makes me very hungry

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Nice pie! drool.gif

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Pizza looks delicious...

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I was trying to decide what to do for lunch today and I saw this post.  Great timing!  Never done pizza on the grill or smoker before.  Instead of getting the Lang up to temp I guess I'll use the gas grill and work on a nice crispy crust.   Lets see, I have home made marinara sauce, can track down some motz, still have some andouille in the fridge from last weekend and a link or two of chaurice.  Maybe add some thin sliced onions, bell pepper and a little pickled sliced jalapeno. 


Guess I'll just skip breakfast and look forward to a big lunch



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It looks yummy

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That is a great looking pizza!

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Looks and sounds delicious..  Beer dough, hmm now that sounds yummy, wonder where "that" recipe is....  hehehe




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Looks great. The classic marguerite pizza. Love fresh basil.

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Very nice! Great job.

Still think we need a pizza section on the forums :-)
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Jack Nicholson 2 thumbs up.jpg

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looks gooddrool.gif

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Great looking pie you have their.

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Man that pie looks great... Nice job bet it was tasty

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