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Couple questions on spare ribs

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1)  From your experience, how much difference is there in letting the rub settle in over night vs. applying it right before the cook?  Is there any significant notice there?  


2)  I see a lot of people here advocating a wrap with foil for a part of the cook.  I have never done this to intensify the tenderness?  Does it lose smoke flavor?  I would think it would be more steamed than bbq' any comments on this would be real helpful.  


Thanks for any help.  Appreciate it.

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The overnight rub will penetrate the spares somewhat for added flavor, if not possible & you're gonna do ribs anyway a last minute application is better than nothing. Some prefer a very simple salt & cpb. With the foiling you're referring to the 3-2-1 method, popular with many here. Many, as well, don't...preferring a straight 6 hour or so smoke. It truly comes down to preference....the foiling will give a more 'fall off the bone' rib which some like....straight 6 or so will give you more of a 'tug' to getting the meat off the bone. Again, personal preference. Some guys have gals that like 'fall off the bone' meat so will do both ways. 3-2-1 is just a guide....many will do 3-2.5-1 or whatever is their preferred way. Baby backs are different again....more of a 2-1.5-1 or any combo they prefer. Same with mopping or spritzing...some do, some don't. Try both ways or a variation that suits you and the ones you're smoking for. No set rules.

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Thanks...can I ask another question?


I seen people advocate using a mustard coat application before the rub.


If I were to do this, would an overnight in the fridge with the rub still be useful, or would the mustard block too much of the penetration?  I have gathered that the mustard coating is for the forming of the crust.

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The coating of mustard is to help the rub to stick that's all if I use it I buy the cheapest yellow mustard I can find.

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Thanks.  I don't know why, but I kinda figured that if you used the mustard then there was no use in applying rub the night before.  I just assumed I guess that the mustard sort of inhibited the rub from real penetration.  I guess I took it as one or the other.

Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

The coating of mustard is to help the rub to stick that's all if I use it I buy the cheapest yellow mustard I can find.


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If you use regular yellow mustard you will not taste it at all once it's smoked and therefore it's ideal to help hold the rub and help it stick to the meat.

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What Piney said.

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thanks pineywoods...would you still recommend doing the mustard coat/rub the night before to let it settle into the meat over night?  


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I never tried the mustard method, but I would rub, then rest over night in the fridge.

Then when you get ready to place them in the smoker, rub with mustard and then more of your rub.


Just my 2¢

Hope it helpsbiggrin.gif

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