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Pork butts again- with Q-view

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Since they turned out so well last week, I'm smoking 2 more pork butts this weekend for pulled pork.


I had some of SFQ's finishing sauce left from last weekend, so I didn't want to let it go to waste... drool.gif


No prep shots, but Thursday they were rubbed in yellow mustard and grill mates pork rub, wrapped in saran wrap, and put into the fridge to marinate. I put them in the smoker at 11:00 last night at 225. I dusted with rub again before putting into the MES. One butt was a little over 8 lbs, the other about 7.5.


Round 2 with the AMNS and hickory, and I was hoping for better results and less user error.


Here we go:

First opening at 8:00 to insert probes and they are looking good!



The AMNS worked like a champ!




I think this is why I had better results...I got butane for the torch! 




Inserted probes at 8:00 and they were almost there.




Pulled about 8:50 when both reached 165...one was at 168 and the other at 165.




Close up:




Liberal dose of apple juice spritz, then double wrapped in foil and back into the MES with temps showing 167 and 172




And one more of my AMNS!




About to work up some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans and throw in there.


As always, Murphy's Law strikes me daily. When I pulled the butts to spritz with apple juice and double wrap in foil, I had no apple juice. My crumb crunchers took a liking to it and drank the bottle this week, so it was a quick sprint to the grocery store for apple juice. You know, one day I will have everything work as it should...


Thanks for looking, and I will keep the thread updated.


I have to say, the MES and Todd's AMNS makes this almost too easy to be a hero for family and friends with the incredible food that it produces. Now I'm after a 40" MES, but Sam's is out off them for $299, and the next price is $449. I'm cheap, so I'll make do with the 30" that I have, and hope Sam's gets them again. I even emailed Masterbuilt telling them that I wanted one, but I could get it at Sam's for $299, so if they would price match I would buy directly from them. No luck.

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They look good and yummy well done imagesCAJV1W21.jpg

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Lokking nice so far, can't wait to see finished pictures

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Here's the world famous Dutch's Wicked Beans mixed up and ready to go. I'm going to put them on when I'm getting close to pulling the butts and will add hickory chips to the MES to give them a little extra flavor.




I omitted the jalapenos because of the kids, but otherwise stuck to the recipe.


Let me tell you, if you have never tried these, it's an absolute must. I was never a huge baked bean fan, but I kept seeing rave reviews over and over again for these and tried them. The reviews are spot on, as they are incredible.

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At 3:00 the butts were 206 and 204, so I pulled and put them into the cooler with towels to rest.  Put Dutch's beans in and loaded some hickory chips in the MES to go about 2.5 hours.


In total, a 16 hour smoke on the butts.


Final shots coming soon.

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Looks Great So Far...  Glad the AMNS worked for you this time...

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Great Job

My local SAMS still has a couple in stock

SAMS will transfer between stores, but you gotta go ask at customer service


The 40" is a larger unit, but looks like you're doing a mighty fine job with the one you've got!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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All done!


Clean bones:






Juices going into the freezer:



Baked beans:




I added the defatted juices back into the pork, as well as SFLQ sauce.


Thanks for watching, time to eat.


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Looking Good From Here!


Enjoy the feast!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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awesome smoke....glad you enjoyed the ride....everything looks superb

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Great looking meal. icon14.gif

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Excellent Looking "Q" nice job...

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It was worth_the_wait.jpg  it looks yummy  thanks for the Qview

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Thanks guys. If you have never smoked a pork butt and made pulled pork, you have NO idea what you are missing. Add the convenience of the MES and the AMNS...you can tell your family and friends that you slaved over a hot smoker for 16 hours, but it was, as Ron Popeil used to say, "Set it and forget it."


I'm going to head over to Sam's after church this morning and see if they have a 40" MES in stock, and if not, if they can order me in one from another store.

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They look great! Nice job!   icon14.gif

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Great job my friend thumb1.gif


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Wow lots of PP on here this weekend! Everybody busy smoking up like crazy. It's been over 115 all weekend & I just can't bring myself to get out in the heat
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Looks great!

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Great job!


Don't ya just love that little AMNS?


Good luck and good smoking.

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looks great

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