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Help with beef hearts

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Howdy folks... I get a half cow from a local farmer here every year and I've got a few beef hearts in the freezer.  From what I gather they are pretty lean, a bit tough but have great flavor.  Was thinking sausage would be a good way to use them.


Can anyone offer a recipe or advice here?  Should I just count them as lean beef and add the appropriate amount of fat?

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They are super lean and generally best cooked with a hot, dry fire, IMHO.  I do like your thinking about sausage, though.  Never thought of that one, but it makes sense.  I took a few minutes to search online with little luck on finding recipes.  confused.gif  I'm a little surprised.  I'm thinking you could run it through your grinder, mix with some pork fat, seasonings and maybe onion, garlic, peppers. Stuff and then prepare as any beef sausage.  You sure got me thinking.....

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You would want to put a mild freeze on them first to get them chilled and firm; otherwise they will mush up when grinding and only grind once with the seasonings and fat.  But you'll have a delicious mix when done!  Nothing better than beef heart (or pork or chicken or lamb hearts!).

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