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Hello, introduction:

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I'm Mountainsmoke. I live in Colorado. I own a masterbuilt electric smoker. I've done ribs and a few Boston butts. I use hickory wood chips. I primarily use a classic American brown sugar based dry rub. I'll keep it short and sweet...

Well nice to meet ya!!! Hope to have some great conversation with you folks.
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Welcome to the SMF family!  I love your state (got a lot of family there).  I've also hunted elk in the Buena Vista area -- love it!!


Glad to have your input to the group! 



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I hunt elk as well. I usually hunt the flat tops wilderness area. I've done some snowmobiling in BV. Loved it!
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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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hello and welcomewelcome1.gif

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I also have mucho family in Colorado.  Principally the Denver/Centennial/Parker/Ft Collins area.  They're big into the outdoor scene- whitewater rafting, camping, snowboarding, shooting the b.s.- the important things don't cha know?  Getting to be a bunch of Rocky Mountain members on this site.  Welcome.



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