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chip box

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Ok, I couldn't wait for my a-maze-n smoker to arrive (sorry Todd), so I fired up my brand new MES40 this morning and I am four hours into some nice looking butts. Here's a question... I've added chips three times so far and see that wonderful TBS coming out.... is there a point where I need to dump the residue ash before adding more chips?

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I never dump the ash until the smoke is finished David.It is never that much ash when the tray is emptied. The less a person opens the door the sooner your meat will finish. Good luck with your first smoke and don't forget the Q-Views.thumb1.gif

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On a long smoke you may have to dump the ash 1 time.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

On a long smoke you may have to dump the ash 1 time.

So Al, how often do you add chips. That's one thing I'm still a little confused on when it comes to Electric Smoking?



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Add a small handful of chips every 30-40 minutes

Don't try overload the pan with a huge handful of chips at one time




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