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What would it mean to you if....This Was All Gone!?!

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I have only been a member here a short amount of time but I have made a few observations:


1) At the bottom of the page it lists the number of active users...There are always 5 to 20 times more Guests than Members.


2) People will talk about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on equipment yet don't comment on how they spent $15 to support the site that is making their expenditure worthwhile.


3) I am not an Administrator or have any affiliation with this site other than knowing, it would be a horrific shame to lose it.


4) I spent 2 years and $15,000 going to Culinary School and never saw a Smoker or was even taught a single technique. BUT, I have learned more HERE in 2 months than in the last 16 years of my professional career.


5) Regardless of how many times or how many ways a question is asked, the people here will give an answer without ridicule or comment unless they are referencing a previous thread that can provide better or more complete information.


BOTTOM LINE...A lot of peoples time and effort has / is going in to make this site as informative and user friendly to all who care to use it. Their only reward is our thanks and the pride in knowing that they have passed their passion on to another lover of Smoke and other great food.


Is it not worth $15, that's 4 CENTS A DAY per year, to keep this alive???


It is not my intention to insult anyone here and I appoligize to you if you have garnered any hard feelings from anything I have posted.


Please consider joining as a Premium Member. Thanks...JJ

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I agree. I'm a lifetime member.

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icon_sad.gif $$  soon my friend...biggrin.gif

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Just one observation:   If you are in "hidden mode" then you show as a guest and not a member even though you are logged in (it is like that on ever forum). So that number/ratio probably isn't close to being accurate.

I too am a lifetime member and feel that it is well worth it due to the vast amount of knowledge here.


One more observation.  We have a heck of a lot of people from PA on this board!  I never noticed that you were in Harrisburg (I'm in Carlisle).


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It could be even worse than that.  That member number might include those who simply signed up for the free membership.  If it includes them, it would not even come close to reflecting the smaller number of paid premier members.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I made an offer to Jeff a little while back and depending on how it pans out there will never be a problem with "this all being gone", still would have details to work out when that time comes, but that is some ways down the road.

So basically this place is never going away, don't worry about that.

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