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Gettin' Better

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G,day all


Today I just finished smoking a whole chicken and 3 pigeons.

I brined chicken for 2 days, and pigeons 1 day. The pictures are a bit rough, as I was in too much rush to break it open to photograph ( and eat).


I took it to about 170 internal temp, and I reckon it was cooked very nicely. The pigeons were very nice too.

I am happy now with the temp gauge on my BBQ(smoker), but I think my brine was perhaps a little bit weak 1?2 cup Salt to about 1 gallon (5 ltrs) water and 1/2 TBS Kuritkwik (donated by my local butcher.

I also need to get a bigger hit of smoke flavour, but I will work on that one.


I used a sawdust (donation) from a MYALL tree but I am sure there are woods that are a lot stronger smoke so I will get onto that too



following are some "rough" pics




You may notice I smothered it with Jeff's rub  ( I love the stuff)





I burnt my fingers breaking it apart, hence no precision carved look


Conclusion : It tastes very moist and tender, and if the wife does not get home pretty soon she's gunna miss out



Regards to all

Vic  (down under)



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salt quantity should read half a cup



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Looks great Vic! Love the color of the skin, bet it was tasty!

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Looks-Great.gifpractice makes perfect.

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Looks good from here.


Good luck and good smoking.

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What a moist bird!

Thanks for sharing your Qview thumb1.gif


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And i almost missed it . it looks great meal well done i thought the chicken in OZ are bigger  Mark%20Tully.jpg

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