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Pre-Smoking Ribs Question

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We are planning a 4th of July weekend at a friends cabin and each couple is in charge of a meal.  I was planning on doing ribs.  


We did this when in a few restaurants that I worked in, but just wanted to get some opinions.  I want to put some smoke to the ribs before hand, and then just heat and finish the next day on the grill.  If I go with the 3-2-1 method, should I only smoke them the day before and do the 2-1 on the grill or should I smoke and foil them (3-2) the day before, then just heat and sauce on the grill?



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I guess if I was going to do this, I would be more prone to the 3-2 and then just warm them up.

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Yeah I think I would just finish on the smoker & then glaze ( if you like that ) & slowly reheat the day of. Just MHO.

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I'd get them through the foiling phase. My understanding is that the beauty of the 3-2-1 method is that the foiling phase (or braising phase) converts the collagen to gelatin, giving you that lip smacking goodness. Getting them through this stage, then refrigerating them should actually firm up the meat, avoiding what I refer to as the dreaded "pot roast consistency". (I like firmer ribs, YMMV) Since it requires more heat to break down gelatin than collagen (albeit a much shorter time), your reheated ribs should be the perfect consistency.
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I agree with these guys, take it thru the foil stage. That way you will be thru the danger zone for sure. If you just smoke them for 3 hours they may not get to 140 IT.

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I agree with all the above yeahthat.gif


The only thing you might consider is, If you don't unfoil after 2 hrs the ribs will continue to cook.

Therefore you might want to try a 3-1½-½. That's something I have learned from past smokes.


Hope this helps and remember the Qviewbiggrin.gif

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