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Jerky For A Friend

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My neighbors son will be here this week from SD. He asked if i could make some jerky.




4 3/4 lbs after trim. London Broil


My homemade back wood hillbilly marinade. Going in my Reveo 2x at 20 mins each.




Had some battery outage so didnt get smoke pics. Used my lil'tex for smoke delivery into my Bradley for 1.5 hrs.

Then into my DH.



$$ Shot




One of 3 ways i keep my jerky.


1. In a paper bag in the fridge.

2. Freezer wrapped then vac sealed

3. Glass or plastic container with vent holes in the lid.






Plastic bags create moisture, Your wanting jerky not wet smoked jerky

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If I stop by, do I get some jerky too?


Looks Good!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Very nice! Every time I come to this site, my list of things to try gets longer & longer. I hope to have a very long life. Great job as always.

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I am with Todd - lets drop by and see what happens

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Nice looking Jerky Nepas...  When Todd and Scar get there send some with them to drop off to me...

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Nice job as always Nepas! Everything you do is so professional looking!

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Dont forget to pick me up on the way---I need jerky



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Looks good.


Mr. T


“If it fit’s, smoke it” 

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Looks great!  Love that REVO thingie!!



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