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Father's Day Pork Fest Is Underway !!

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Happy Fathers Day everyone. I have friends and family coming over today and we are gonna feast on some pork. This will be my 2nd time using my WSM. I am very excited to see the results. The menu for today is -


6 racks of baby backs on the WSM

2 Pork shoulders in the Orion cooker for pulled pork sammies with a mustard finishing sauce.

Bacon wrapped ABT's and a bacon wrapped Fattie in the Weber Kettle, indirect heat.

Dutches Wicked Baked Beans with left over spare rib brisket meat from last weekends smoke, in the oven.


Ribs went on about a 1/2 hour ago. Will be getting the rest of the menu up and running soon. I will have details and Q-Vue up this evening.


Hope everyone has a good day !!



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Sounds like a feast!


Don't forget to give us some Qview  biggrin.gif

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Sounds tasty!! Happy Father's Day to ya!

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Oh ya ....that sounds like a Feast alright....looking forward to those Q-Views!!!!nana2.gif

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What a good day. WSM was flawless. I can not begin to you how much more enjoyable it is to cook on my WSM compared to my old Brickmann Smoke N' Pit. I am sitting on the patio typing this with a stoggie and drink winding down the day. I served a dozen people and it was a success.


I hope everyone had a great day. Here is the Q-Vue as promised -

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looks great!!


question on your digital thermometers. do they pick up eachothers signals and confuse temps? I have a master forge wireless that I got from lowes that I love. I found an identical set up under a different brand name at walmart but when used near eachother they pick up the others temps and go crazy. I called customer service at master forge and the lady said both my thermometers were made by the same manufacturer and operated on same frequency so I have to find another brand now.

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Great looking meal Kurt!   thumb1.gif

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Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks for the comments everyone. It really was a great day.


Teeznuts - those thermometers do not have a wireless receiver. They do not confuse temps.

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