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Just so you know how to compensate, I agree with you. Little in my world is perfect. In fact I can't think of anything that I own that is close to perfect but I feel blessed for what I have and I think you are double blessed with your skills and abilities. Keep refining things and maybe you will own something close to perfection! I'll buy a ticket just to look at it and maybe touch the darn thing. Then, I will beg for a taste of something smoked in it! LOL.  ;)

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Ha ha.  I'm just hoping to get to working and reliable.  Feel free to stop by for some sausages and ribs.  Someday it might have a few bells and whistles.  Now I'm only hoping it works well tomorrow because I just finished putting rub on two chunks of pork loin and 2 racks of baby backs.  Gonna be hog heaven around here tomorrow night.  Ha ha.


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Great Build!!! Workin with what ya got!!! Nice Job!!! How does the smoke generator work?? More pics!!! And more pics of the Food!!!!

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Thanks, I'll try to get some more info about the generator up soon.  I'm gathering parts right now to do something of a rebuild on it to make it a little more robust to the weather, i.e. making one out of stainless.  Today I did baby backs and loins.  I'm going to throw some pictures up over in Pork grilling.

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I built a new prototype for the smoke generator container today.  It's out of aluminum, but I have a SS container that is the same size, so if I get a good working setup I will just port it over to the SS container.  Much easier to prototype in aluminum.  I found out right away that the air inlet is too big.  It could feed the fire more air than the pump was removing.  And it made way too much smoke for awhile.  And burned my chips too fast, half a container in about 2 hours or less.  I'll modify the mouth and test it again tomorrow.  Here's a video.


Let me know if the video doesn't work, I've not done this before.

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I closed the mouth off and that seems to work better.  I also plumbed in a bleed valve on a tee.  I think the bleeder wants to see more pressure on the load side to really have much effect.  I'll have to try an orifice or maybe just a hose clamp to constrict the front side flow some more. 


Today I decided to try some big hickory chunks designed for the barbeque mixed with my usual cherry sawdust and shavings.  And not wanting to waste smoke I threw a couple dozen hardboiled eggs in the smoker for a cold smoke.  Somewhat to my surprise the chunks burned pretty well and I got a nice smoke of about 3 hours from a half fill.  The eggs are very tasty.

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Yoo hoo, anybody out there?  Is this type of smoke gen going to give a good quality smoke?  Is it robust?  I've very, very new to this and know not.


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Yea were out here, but i don't use a gen so i could not tell you.Unless you want me to lie to you.I try and save them for fishing stories.

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Ha ha, my sister has been telling me what seemed like some pretty tall fishing tales this year.  Catching largemouth bass like they were sunfish.  But then she sent pictures.  And then she showed up with the actual fish.  They sure smoked up nice.

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