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A coworker of mine is roasting a pig for his 4th of July party (which I will be attending) and he wants to make the back half spicy and the front half for the average taste bud. I assume that he would inject a marinade but really have no idea where to begin. Any ideas on a good injection recipie for both spicy and not so spicy? I thank you in advance for your help...! Take Care, Smokin - K

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Sounds a little over complicated to me. I'd offer different sauces for spicy and not so spicy food lovers. Any injection or marinade probably isn't going to have that big of an impact on the overall heat of the meat. Besides, I'd think cooking a whole pig is a daunting enough task without worrying about to trying to do it 2 different ways. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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I like to add cayenne pepper to my usual injections to kick up the heat.  Sliced jalapenos in the mix help too but cayenne is quicker and I like the flavor.

Use your favorite injection recipe and make a double batch, then add cayenne to taste.

I've injected the front shoulders with one mix and then the hams with another... It works fine.


Good luck with it! icon14.gif

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