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My Smoker is finally complete!

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Smoker 2.JPG




This is my beast! Runs on propane. It used to be a 50,000 btu pork roaster and I capped off one of the burners leaving one remaining. The remamining burner I welded up 1/2 of the holes. It is now basically a 15,000 btu smoker. There is a grease tray on the bottow that I  slide open to check on my AMAZE N Pellet Smoker so to not disrupt the heat in the box. It holds 7 commercial size (bun) cooking sheets that I drilled a shit ton of extra 1/2" holes in (over and above the perferated holes that came in them). That was the most work of this build. The pans are spaced about 5.5" apart and even the shelf supports have holes punched in them. I figured more the smoke could move around the better. It originally only had 3 shelf supports up at the top. I added 4 more. It does get a little hotter in the back corner where the burner is located so I hope to add a fan to turn this beast into a convection smoker (hopefully evening out the heat). With just the pilot lite I can hold the heat about 100 to 110 degrees. With the burner on its lowest setting I can achieve 190 degrees. Max temp is in the low 300's. I just smoked 60 pounds of peppers and it worked like a dream. If I had 10 more pounds I could have fit it on the final rack. So far I have smoked 6 racks of pork ribs and 60 pounds of peppers. Next task is learing how to make pheasant and Chuckar jerkey! Can't wait. This was a fun project. Little tweeks still need to happen like wheels on the legs. Mount a holder for the propane tank, add a fan and plumb the exhaust out my garage / shop. Happy Smoking! Kean  

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Dang, that is a sweet thang!!!  I must admit, I am a bit jealous 'cause your rig is all nice and shiny -- but I know after a dozen or so smokes, she won't be such a looker!  Looks-Great.gif

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The nice thing is that the wife supports the habit! Neighbors are questionable!
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Certainly looks solid.  Bet you get some good smokes off that.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sweet rig!!! I am going to be starting something similar. I have 2- 6' stainless steel electrical cabinets. How did you do the exhaust?

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Currently I'm using the exhaust built into the unit.. I'll take pictures of the plate on the inside for you tomorrow.. My furnace guy recommended running the exhaust 2/3 the way down the side to stabilize.. Going to make a flex hose connection between the down spout and the connection to the stove pipe out my 20 ft tall shop roof.. In Oregon smoking out doors slows things down huge being out in the wet..
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Awesome looking rig you have there. !!!!

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Moose.. Here are some more pics of the beast. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Next time I do trays I would probably do them differently. This was very labor intense and a bitch to clean... But they work great....







This is the top cap... I have cut the top off so I can hopfully exhaust this out my shop roof.. When cutting SS use house hold bleach as a cutting fluid and go slow.... Works amazing!




This is the grease tray with my AMAZE N Pellet Smoker! 50 cents of pellets for 8 hours of perfect smoke! The white cord is for a box fan I have propped off the ground. When 1/2 my peppers are in my dehydrator the other half stay in the smoker with the grease tray removed and the box fan blowing up through the box..





Hey Moose! This is the inside plate. I would say it is suspended off the top about 3/8 to a 1/2" off the top. Simple 4" SS pipe goes through the cabinet and out the top.



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