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Converting to SFB

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Hello, I'm converting over to charcoal/wood from electric and gas. I'm looking to spend under 500 for something that will last awhile and is a proven product. I have a gas grill, and a safe type electric smoker right now and have been smoking in the electric for about 1 1/2 years. I've done alot of reading but I cannot decide on a model so I came here for advice. This is an add from craigslist that is basically what I'm looking for.
Does anyone recognize that smoker? If it's a good model I might go take a look at it. Thanks ahead of time for any advice and suggestions on models.
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It looks like an old braunfels. My friend has one just like it. He makes awesome Q. It's pretty heavy duty if it's the older one. A few mods and it would be a real good smoker.

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