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competition pulled pork

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hi i don't know if this is the right place to post this. But i am wanting to do my first comp this weekend. and wanting to know if you guys add bbq sauce to it or just pull it and enter it as is? Thanks for now.

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There is a general consensus around true BBQers that sauces are condiments rather than ingredients, so the thinking is that you let the consumer decide how to "dress it up" (or not).  Personally, I like letting the meat, rub, and smoke speak for themselves.  This is probably the usual approach in a competition.


Some folks apply a finishing sauce after pulling -- a vinegar/brown sugar based spritz.  This might be a way of distinguishing yourself from the field.


Some folks do put some sauce on toward the very end of the smoke or after pulling.  Most of this is personal preference in the end.

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I dont sauce much, unless I really mess up the item being turned in, then I sauce the heck out of it, Just don't pool it, slather it all over.


I turned in a dried out dusty brisket, ( brisket abuse inflicted by to many beers ) but it took 6 th place in a field of around 50.


Ya just never know, but I think where I live, they actually score higher when sauced. 



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Whatever you decide, good luck & let us know how you do!

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I like to put a little sauce on after pulling, but not too much.

You want to taste the pork, After all that's what your turning in.


Being a FBA judge I can tell you that if it tastes like sauce and not pork you won't score well.

Good luck and let us now how it goes icon14.gif

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