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Moinks for a Party.... with Q-view

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A friend of mine invited the boys over for snacks, cigars, and port last night.  icon14.gif I decided to make some redemption moinks (the last batch for a party were too dry for my taste).


Started with a cube steak from the beef critter we had butchered a while back.  I ran that through the food grinder.




I added some breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, Rudy's rub, honey, and a splash of Ol' #7.  To solve the dry problem, I took the time to make a panade and mix it in (a trick I picked up from America's Test Kitchen).




I browned them in a hot pan of olive oil, then wrapped in bacon.




Into a 240* smoker with some Country Style Ribs we had going for dinner.  Ash wood from our tree supplied the smoke.  Took them to 165* internal temp (about 1.25 hours).




They came out really moist and tasty.  Great finger food for our "smokeout!"  Thanks for looking!!!

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MMMMMMMM! sounds like a great evening!   icon14.gif

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Looks good James

I love moinks  banana_smiley.gif


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Whoa---That's thick Bacon around them Moinksters!!!----drool.gif----My kinda finger food !!!!!



Nice job James !!




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Yummy it looks good

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Looks delicious!!



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finger food... just give me a plate of those and a glass of sweet tea i would be setbiggrin.gif

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very nice

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I vote with sunman on this one, nice job!



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NICE! This forum is making my head spin. First I find out what an

ABT is...and then want some. Then I find out what a moink is...

and want some.


Thanks for Qview, nice going...Jamesyahoo.gif

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