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unsure.gifI Made up a batch of kielbasa put it in the frige over and I'm going to stuff it tonite. My problem is I have a wedding to go to Saturday and wont be able to smoke till mid week. My question is would it be ok to freeze this till I can get to it to smoke or do I put a long Saturday nite in.

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Is it fresh kielbasa or do you have cure in it....  There was a thread on this before......


here it is





good luck and dont forget the qveiw.....




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Thanks for the quick reply, I added #1 cure to it ,so just to be safe I'm going to put it on the smoker when I get back from the wedding. I Guess I wont be partying to much. Thanks again.

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I have let my cured meat stand in the fridge for a several days... If you have an experiation date on the meat, i would go with that when to smoke....and not freeze.....




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