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How to use the brinkmann smoke 'n pit

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How do you use the smoker side box on the brinkmann smoke 'n pit. Ours seems to burn the wood to quick and not heat up like it should. Thanks

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Moghler.... welcome to the forum. Don't forget to head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself and your smoking equiptment. welcome1.gif



Now for your smoker..... look in the forum for charcoal smoakers. You smoker is what we call a horizontal offset smoker - meaning the smoke chamber is set off to the side, it is very similar to the Char-griller and Char-broil smokers. With these types of smokers there are some very easy and cheap mods you need to make to turn them into a good smoker.

  1. Use heavy duty dryer tube to lower the exhaust stack down to level of your main cooking grates inside your smoker.
  2. Either purchase or build a charcoal basket for your firebox, this allows you to use the minion method which is where you get long burn times.
  3. Make some sort of baffle and/or tuning plate to help even out the heat distribution from the firebox side to the non-firebox side of your smoker.
  4. Get good thermometers! The factory therms are usually off by 50°-100° and will screw up your cooking.


I also highly recomend you sign up for the free 5 day e-course on the home page. It will start you off with some good solid basic info.


Best of luck and don't be afraid to holler with questions. We got a lot of good folks here willing to help.


Here is a link to a rather lengthy post that covers a lot of differant way to approach the mod's I mentioned above. 

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Here's another post for you to check out 



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