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First smoked salmon Q-View

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OK this is my first attempt at smoked salmon.  Brined it dry in salt, brown sugar, dill, salt and pepper.  Cooked it till it hit 140.  tasted great!!



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Looks great! Especially on the fancy plate with the table cloth! Living large! Congrats on a good smoke! And welcome to the SMF!
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Looks delicious!   thumb1.gif

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That is some mighty fine looking salmon.points1.png

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Wow!  Great pictures, but the salmon really steals the show! Nice job! beercheer.gif

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Great looking Salmon and have to say the Old Speckled Hen is a particular fave of mine. cheers.gif

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I almost mist it it looks greatpoints.gif

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Thanks all!  Going to give it another go this weekend and try a water brine.  the last one turned out great was just a little salty, so im going to try liquid and rinse better.  Also going to smoke a pork loin deal with it (not sure what it is, wife bout it).  Im guessing it will take longer, and need to be hotter.  Should i start the pork first then try to cool it off after a bit and throw on salmon, or throw them on together then turn up the heat when the salmon finishes?  any suggestions?

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