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Smokenator ?

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What's yall opinion on this product? Is it worth it.
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I looked at it long and hard and havent ordered one yet, But I might........


My problem is I do (in my opinion) pretty well with the kettle as is.


I have managed to smoke decently with either just making a pile on the side or using the baskets, With a water pan in the middle.


Of course I havent done any 10+ hour smoking and think when I reach that point I'll just get a WSM.

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I love mine but it's my first smoker. If you're looking for a dedicated smoker a WSM is a better choice because (they say) it's easier to use.

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I think it would be worth the money. The only reason I don't have one is I am currently unemployed and the greenbacks are rather scarce! I do sorta the same thing with foil. I scrape all the charcoal to one side and then droop foil over the top rack down to the charcoal grate. I use a foil mini bread pan and partly fill it with wood pellets, cover it with foil, poke several small holes in the foil and set it down on the hot coals. I a few min. you have a really nice smoke flowing, I intend to get a Smokenator eventually but for now I love the results of my experiment and there is very little expense involved! I have done a turkey breast this way and it was nothing less than awesome! I put a foil pan filled with cider below the turkey for steam and to catch the drippings. Likely not quite as good as the Smokenator but it works for now. Am doing a chuck roast right now. It's almost time to eat!

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Update to previous post - I got a Smokenator for Christmas. I have used it a number of times since then and my opinion is if you have been putting off buying one - DON'T! I REALLY like it! The only downside is the limited amount of meat that will fit on a Weber for smoking. The results were however wonderful and it's SO easy to use!

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I have one.  I did the Thanksgiving bird on it, a prime rib roast, a loin roast (below)...maybe a few other short runs and it worked as advertised.  I would not recomend it for longer cooks - too much babysitting for that.  But following the directions provided it does exactly as described.



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