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Exchange with Flyweed

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Dan and I have been talking about doing an exchange for a while now and we finally got around to doing it.

I receive this great package from him - Mine got mishandled by the USPS - go figure, so I am reshipping some of the stuff to him.


Here is a group shot

Stuff 020.jpg


This a a Wisconson Ale I am chilling as we speak

Stuff 015.jpg


Dan says this stuff is really good and I am looking for just the right time to try it

Stuff 016.jpg

Here is a gourmet seasoning that tastes great -

Stuff 019.jpg


Here are two great cheeses - we already cracked the cheddar and it will appear later in some Sourdough / Onion / Smoked Cheddar rolls that are rising as we speak

Stuff 017.jpg

Here are some of his homemade snack sticks. Dying to open them but I have to finish a bag of mine before they go bad. Looking forward to these.

Stuff 018.jpg

And last but certainly not least is some of his cherry rub. This has the essence of cherry and some curry ingredients in it and the aroma is driving me crazy. I had to put it inside another baggie to keep from loosing the aroma.

Stuff 021.jpg


Thanks Dan

I hope to get your replacments out early in the week.    


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It was certainly a wonderful trade.  Scar sent me a whole bunch of Avocado's that he picked....The USPS smashed the box I had a pretty good start on some guacamole when it got here..but that's OK....we LOVE guac. on just about everything.  He sent me a bottle of seasoning as well, that I have yet to open, and some concentrated Au Jus.  also a bag of fresh home roasted coffee that tastes simply divine.


I don't have photos right now, but hope to get some taken soon.


Thanks for a GREAT trade Scar.




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I love these swaps, good food and ingredients should be shared especially because most of us live in different areas and might not be able to come by these items. I will have to do some in the very soon future! Thanks for sharing the exchange, it has inspired me and I am sure other people.

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Guys if you have not engaged in the exchange program I highly recommend that you do. First you are going to make a friend and second you will get to taste and experience products you never even knew were out there. It is just like Christmas when the box arrives. 

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nice stuff flyin' around!

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I would love it if you folks would share some of your packing tips and tricks.  How do you send a bottle of beer?? and perishable cheese? cold pack and overnight? Inquiring minds want to know...

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Nice Exchange Gary...

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