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Something different on the WSM

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We held our Jambalaya festival on Memorial Day Weekend so I thought I would try something a little different on the WSM. I cooked a jambalaya on the WSM. I placed the black ion pot directly on the coals inside the ring on the bottom section of the smoker. I used hickory and pecan wood to get a mookey flavor. I used kambalaya pork and sausage for the meat. Turned out great . Here is th link to my pictures of the cok

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Oh Man! That's a great pictorial. Folks you have to check it out. click on the link and click slideshow. Thanks for sharing that. yahoo.gif

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Mon o man that looks delicious!    drool.gif

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Looking good...

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Man that sure looked tasty. I could go for a nice big plate of that right now and it is only 5AM

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Excellent pictorial...That jambalaya looks Fantastic...thanks for sharing the views. icon14.gif  


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