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Memorial Day stuffed pork loin

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Ever since I first discovered this website and saw ThunderDome's stuffed pork loin Qview, I knew that one day I must try it. I used the same ingredients (bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, green chiles, and cheese), my loin was about a pound larger, and instead of a rub I just mopped on some bbq sauce for the last 30 minutes (a spur of the moment decision). Though I will try a rub next time, I am completely satisfied with the sweet baby rays that was applied, it added a nice sweet flavor to the already spicy/smoky blend. I could get better at butterflying the meat a bit thinner, I completely butchered the meat lol. But really I am pretty satisfied with the result, especially it being my first try (I took some pictures just in case I got something presentable). All I can say is tastyy, one of my favorite smokes yet, and boy does it make a good sandwich drool.gif








I didn't have any string so I just put some bamboo skewers through it




30 minutes after the bbq sauce was applied, and the end of the smoke (I used Hickory by the way) coming in at about 4 and a half hours. The temperature stayed around 230 for the most part, and the meat was brought up to about 170.




A little rest in tin foil






And there we have it, thanks for being such an awesome forum, such great things to come across!


ThunderDome's beautiful creation





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Looks like a success to me drool.gif

Very nice color too,

 Thanks for sharing with us   kewl.gif

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Beautiful!  Gotta make me one of those soon too!  Looks-Great.gif

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Thanks guys, I know it doesn't have that traditional look you'd get with a rub applied, but I like it anyhow. Had to stop myself I was getting full but I just wanted to keep eating lol.

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Awesome try some with cheese too
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wow that looks great!

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Great color, looks delicious!   icon14.gif

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I love stuffed pork loin. Great job.

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Looks awesome, and I think you got the meat the perfect thickness. I think if you butterfly it too thin it can dry out. Thanks for sharing!

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That looks awesome!  Something else to add to the to-do list!  Thanks for sharing!drool.gif

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