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ECB Too Hot?

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So, second smoke on the ECB. Prime rib ribs and some pork side ribs.
Really strugg getting the temperature low enough. Built a minion fire (after drilling a bunch of air holes as per the suggested mods). 20 minutes into the smoke i had temps over 300!
So removed the top of the smoker and toom out about half the coals. Still have to have the lid cocked and the door open just to get down to 240 ish. i'm an hour and a half into my 3 2 1 and have a huge pile of hot coals laying on the concrete beside the smoker and stil can't get it cool enough.
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2:45 in and now i'm struggling to get it over 200! :)
Too funny.
When i take the ribs off to foil them i'll put some more coals on the fire.
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Are you using hardwood lump or regular Kingsford type coal?

Temp management in the ECBs is not as easy to learn as some other units. Rather than pull coals out, I used a water bottle and spritzed water on the coals to calm things down if they boosted too much. Just be careful not to kick up a bunch of ash off of the coals onto the food. squirt really easy and slowly!

Another thought--are you relying on the thermo that came with the unit? Have you checked it for accuracy? You might be in the right temp zone and not know it because of a bad thermo.
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Combination of Kingsford and mesquite lump.
I do have a probe thermometer in there. I did spray it a bit but didn't like the ash so just gonna keep playing with it.
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