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it shouldn't matter how it's inserted as long as its in the center.

Remember that only the first1-2inchs of the probe is what gives your reading.

Being close to a bone can give false readings.

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Did you mustard coat the butt? The mustard helps bark formation. Also, what was your sugar content like in the rub? The sugar contributes as well.


As far as the thermos go, your guess is as good as mine, we have some Mr. Wizard types around here thogh that might be helpful.


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The sugar content is high, I'm ashamed to say it but the recipe for the rub I was going to use was actually EXACTLY like the East India brand from GFS so I just bought that and used that (for shame I know, but its really good trust me).  I did use mustard, but like I said I should have been more liberal with my application.

My thermometer is a Taylor brand my dad got from Costco, it's not 100% accurate but for a ballpark I thought it'd be fine.  Dunno

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Here's the butt, rubbed and wrapped.  Got it from Costco in a 2 pack, and the boneless there was 50 cents cheaper than anything else I was able to find so thats why I went boneless.



Here's the evil store-bought rub I used.  Actually it was so good I'll probably stick to that exclusively for a while while I get the smoking part down, and the container is huge so.



Finished product in the Crock for serving, I tried just putting it in there so I could take a picture but there was a critical structural failure, guess thats a good thing!  Notice the weak Bark, I'll try harder next time.



Now for a couple Money shots, START DROOLIN!



Thanks for your help guys, you deserve part of the credit I got from my guests last night! And now to pass out for 15 hours, man I'm tired.

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Time for a well deserved rest my friend!

Looks great,

Thanks for sharin  bravo1.png

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That looks very good

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