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Was wondering if any one can give me some advice on sealing up the gaps on my Brinkmen offset smoker? The few mods that I have done are added 2 thermometers on both sides of grilling chamber @ grate level also I added a flute between the fire box and grill chamber and I extended the chimney inside the grill chamber to grate level. Only thing I'm having issues wit now is those big gap letting out to much good smoke. So if any one out there have any advice it would be very appreciated. Soon the pain will be over once I get my WSM but intill I have to work with what I got. Thanks :)
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Plenty of help at the handy dandy search tool up top!!


Here is a little reading for ya..


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Some folks use oven rope to seal doors, etc. Others use high temp silicone sealant to form a custom gasket. Clean the inside edge of the door really well (maybe even down to bare metal). Basically, you wrap the smoker edge with plastic wrap, goo up the inside edge of the door, and gently close the door which should squeeze the bead of silicone. Once cured, remove the plastic wrap and, viola, you have a custom gasket for your rig!
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