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Masterbuilt XL Smokestack Mod

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After building and attaching a poor man's Smoke daddy to my MBXL this past weekend and test firing (sorry no pics so it never happened) I felt that smoke was leaving the smoker too fast. Would i fix this problem by sealing the hole up top and adding a smoke stack off the bottom of the smoker on the opposite side of the main chamber from the smoke inflow.

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If you keep the smoke in your smoker too long, you'll create creosote and ruin your food.

Slow down your smoke production, but leave the exhaust wide open.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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What concerns me is that my smoke inflow comes for the bottom right or the unit and as the heat rises it goes directly out of the exhaust. I had dropped the smoke stack on my old char griller with good results and wanted to know if I should do the same.

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Trial and error will tell you. Get some cheap meat like spam.You can speculate all day.The proofs in the Q.I will wach for your research.popcorn.gifcheers.gif

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I've thought about fabbing a slim dryer vent to the back of mine to get a little better draw through it. Either way, the vent leaves alot to be desired. Ideally, I'd like to have the adjustable vent on back on the bottom for a bigger intake (not sure how or if that's needed for a propane smoker) and have a pipe with rain cap coming out the top, right in the middle.

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I made a smoke stack on my XL simular to a Traeger smoker with a stove pipe damper. I used 3" exhaust tubing and a rain cap straight out of the back where the vent is. I cut out the slats for better air flow and now this smoker draws MUCH better than it did before. Dont know how it will work for cold smoking as I havent tried it yet, but as I understand it, you still want the smoke to flow through, simular to hot smoking, but a little slower.

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