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More Twisters Possible For Joplin, Mo., Area

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While rescuers scramble to dig out any remaining survivors from a weekend tornado that killed 116, residents in Joplin, Mo., are bracing for the possibility of more tornadoes on Tuesday. More Details


Joplin may not be in the clear yet as far as weather goes: the National Weather Service warned there is a 45% chance of another tornado outbreak -- with the peak time between 4 p.m. and midnight Tuesday -- over a wide swath including parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Missouri. "There's no way to figure out how to pick up the pieces as is," Sarah Hale, a lifelong Joplin resident, said Tuesday. "We have to have faith the weather will change." City Manager Mark Rohr told reporters that more than 40 agencies are on the ground in the southwest Missouri city, with two first responders struck by lightning as they braved relentless rain and high winds searching for survivors.


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They just cant buy a break there.
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Man that just sucks. Sorry they have to go thru this again.

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I feel for everyone down there, its a really sad deal.


The folks in reeding ks are pretty bad off as well. 


Now I just heard there was several more tornado's thru texas up to OK and into ks again   WOW 

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