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Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

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I'm at work so pics will have to come later when I get home.


Ok, so I posted last Friday about my dilema of two groups coming the same day and got some good advice. In my classic fashion, I went my own way lol.


I decided to go ahead and cook the second batch as the first party was going, the Weber is really stable once you get it dialed in so it wasn't an issue. I checked on it every 1/2hr and only had to tap the vents every other time.


The rub:

1/2 C Brown sugar

1 Tbl Garlic Powder

1 Tbl Onion Powder

1 Tbl Paprika

1/2 Tbl Curry powder

1/4 Tbl black pepper

1/4 Tbl salt


Yellow mustard was used to glue it on.


Both batches were finished with Sweet Baby Ray's (We seem to have more wet rib fans here in the Northeast although I like dry)


The equipment:

Weber 22.5 Performer (kettle)

Stubb's briquettes

I used the minion method placing three rows of coals half way around the grill topped by two rows, topped by one row (Envision a long pyramid) 12 coals ashed over to get the party started.


Temps ran around 250-260


The first batch I reduced the foil time to 1hr so I ended up with a 3-1-1ish timing. The pull from the bone was perfect but I thought they were slightly dry. I think I will need to spritz through the cook next time to make up for the foil reduction.


Second batch got 3-1.5-1 and was fall off the bone. the eaters loved them but I hate trying to cut them apart when they are that loose.


At any rate, they were all great and I have been commissioned to do the ribs for an up coming 4th of July party. :)

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Forgot to add that I used a rib rack for the first batch as there were 4 slabs. Jury is still out on it though, One thing I noticed is that you have rotate the meat as there were sections that did not darken and I think it's because those areas were shielded from the smoke.

I'll pic the rack also so you can see which one I'm talking about.

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Sounds good Teddy, glad it all worked out for you, we will be waiting for the pics.

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Sounds like a winner Teddy,

I'll hang around for the Q-veiw  popcorn.gif

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Making my mouth water---nice rub too, purdy dag-gummed close to mine--not that is anything to talk about lol..

Good job,


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Here are the stars of the show. These were about 20 bucks each.





All dressed up and nowhere to go? Not hardly, you have VIP invites to the Weber roadhouse





This is the first batch all ready for cuttin'





And the money shot:


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Good lookin' ribs man! But 20.00 each???? Man that is steep! I just got two racks of st louis style spares for 7.00 each on managers special! They are sitting in the freezer waiting for Memorial Day!

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Yeah, waited too long so I didn't have the option to shop around. We have a super walmart nearby that I probably can get them cheaper.

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