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Today's Tornado's

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My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected but the storms in MN and MO. Looks like they were really bad. I hope none of our members were in the path of the storms.

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Looks like Joplin Mo. really got hammered. Its all CNN and the weather channel has been talking about. I seem to remember that there is a member in that area, but I can't recall who. Prayers going out to all affected.

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I read somewhere that the hospital took a direct hit.

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

I read somewhere that the hospital took a direct hit.

Yeah it did..  You should see the pictures...the helicopter is broken into small pieces,  I saw them at fox..




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I have a dear friend that lives there in Joplin, just got off text with her.. She is ok, but says the destruction is massive and very wide spread. My heart felt prayers go out to all that are there, have family, friends or acquaintances..even to all those whom I do not know.. Good Luck..


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don't know anyone personaly but prayers from my family to all that were affected or had to deal with these storms hope all is well

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