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Safeway Brisket

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I've purchased a Safeway beef brisket and it is USDA select. I got a pretty good deal on it @1.99 lb. I have only done one brisket before and it was USDA choice. That one didn't turn out very well but I was peeking a little too much I think. So, is there any sort of special prep I should do for my "select" cut?
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'Select' is a lower grade than Choice' because of many factors, of which many won't apply to a brisket as it is not a tender cut of meat like sirloin or strip.  You're going to cook it lo'n'slo over a long period of time to tenderize it via the cooking method.  Cooked to the right internal temp (205°+) it should still be tender.  You can marinade it first if you like, adding moisture back into the meat so it's cooking via a wetter method vs. totally dry; there are many commercial marinades for brisket available.  I've done them both ways and have had good success on both.  Of course a rub would be in order for flavor and bark development too!  But the primary method is keeping it around 225° and not peeking much until it's over 200°!

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Pops x2

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Couldn't agree more.  I have often wondered why people would pay for a wagyu brisket.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Pops said it all....


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Pops knows his stuff for sure

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I like to take it to about 185 for good slicing, but it's preference. 200+ is more pulled brisket?

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