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deer roast's and steaks

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fired the MES40 up to 200 and started the AMNS with some mesquite and tossed some apple chips in the tray.  i marinated the steaks overnight with Lawry's steak and chop, i also marinated one of the roast's with Lawry's Baja  Chipotle. the last roast i used my standard dry rub on.

 i made an injection mix with

1 1/2 cups worechester

1 T onion powder

1 T garlic powder

1 T habanero  powder (my buddy wanted a kick to it) devil.gif


i injected both roast's and took them to an internal temp of 145, a bit over medium rare

and i took the steaks to 130




ready for some heat and smoke


steaks off the grill after a high temp sear on both sides


and the Baja marinated roast, sorry forgot to take a pic of the dry rub roast

i told my buddy to cut the roast into 3/4" thick steaks and hot sear to reheat.  

i hope he enjoys them, i did try a small chunk of one of the steaks and that marinade was awesome with it.

Thanx for looking

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All looks real good from here, Red !!!


Thanks for the views!



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Looks good, I still have a venison ham to do.

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Man O Man that looks real good.. Nice job

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Great looking steaks!

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