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Yeah I Have Done Chicken

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Did i mention chicken sticks 



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Dang man do you have time to do anything else

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Wow! That's some serious skills!
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I beginning to think you have these magic smokers. Theres no back in it but just a false door... they just keep going forever and ever and Every time you open the door theres something in it............icon14.gif

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Your just too much Nepas!

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Nepas, so how do the Chicko-stix compare to the more traditional Beef or Porko-stix?


Aside from "Tastes just like chicken!"—lighter in texture? flavor? Just curious about the flavor profile.


did you use dark meat? combo light & dark? skins too?



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Yikes---Chicken Schticks!!!!! I gotta see these when done!!!


About time you give your other two selves some time of, duncha tink???



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