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Jerky question...

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Thread Starter you guys take your Jerky to a specific internal temp or go by how it looks????

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I go by how it looks/feels after a certain amount of time. If you're curing it (I hope you are), just keep your smoker temp super low and let the meat dry. You're not cooking jerky, you're drying it, so you shouldn't have to worry about an internal temp (plus it's usually too thin, not even sure I could get an internal temp on it). I usually smoke mine around 120-140* and let it go for 6-7 hours before I even check on it. Hope that helps. 

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That does.  I have done a couple batches before and just went by look/ feel, just wanted to make sure that I shouldnt be taking a temp.  I will always cure it, so now problems there.  Thanks!

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I also go by look and feel.  I've made so much of it over the years that I hardly even think about the process anymore.  Meatball is on the mark!

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