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A quick question, in the first post you say there is 3/4 of cup of sugar, then later you say 1/2 cup. Could you clarify the proper measurement.  I am definitely gonna try this.




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Well since we haven't heard from him, I guess this is his "special" sauce!

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1/2 cup

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Thanks Nepas, Could you put the whole recipe in one post so we can print it out. I definitely want to try this.

I hope this is OK with you Nepas, but I cut and paste everything to word doc on my computer, so I could print it out and I think I have all of the ingredient measurements right.  so here it is:




Nepas' Grapette Soda BBQ Sauce


Wet Ingredients:

3 - 24 oz Bottles Ketchup

72 oz Grapette Soda

1 qt Distilled White Vinegar

9 oz  Yellow Mustard

2 oz bottle of Tabasco (don’t necessarily need the whole bottle)


Dry Ingredients:

1, 4 oz can black pepper

4 oz of garlic salt (not powder or granulated)

1/2 cup sugar

4 oz of your fav chili powder 


Combine all the dry into a bowl or measuring cup and set aside.


Empty the ketchup into the pan.


Invert the bottles cuz you want all the ketchup.


After you have all the ketchup, Fill the bottles with the soda and swoosh it around.


Next pour all 3 bottles of the swooshed soda into the pan with the ketchup.


Use a whisk to combine good. Turn the heat to medium. Whisk to keep from sticking.


Next add the qt of vinegar........Keep whisking and heat on.


Keep whisking the pot.


Then whisk in the dry ingredients into the pot. Whisk in very good so you don't have clumps.


Bring the temp up so you have a mild rolling broil here. About 10-15 mins


Next add the bottle of mustard. Whisk in good. The sauce will change color here. 


Turn heat to high and bring to a broil and keep whisking and add the Tabasco. I used the whole 2 oz bottle.


Bring pot to a broil then turn heat down to simmer for 30 mins. Keep stirring so the sauce does not burn.


Ok now kids pay attention . You will need 5, 1 qt mason jars or some other containers to hold the sauce.


I used to use the bottles after the sauce was off the heat but it seems these new fangled green bottles don't hold up to the heat. I save them for after.


Spoon the sauce into the jars.


Place lids and bands on the jars.


The sauce will keep un refrigerated for however long it takes you to sop it up or give it away. If you feel you need to fridge it then go ahead.





Thank you again Nepas for the recipe.  If this is not ok with you let me know and I will delete it.

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The folks out here in the center of the state make something similar out of Heinz Chili Sauce and Grape Jelly....Real popular on Meatballs...JJ

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I just made a very small batch of this (also added some grape jelly to it during the cooking process).  Thanks for the inspiration. I'm having a massive BBQ this weekend with all sorts of sauces and really wanted to try something new! :)

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